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helicóptero del rescate
Cabina de Helicóptero
Los soldados y helicóptero
Fire fighting helicopter carry water buc
Equipo de rescate de helicópteros

Hygia Simulation Systems

Developed in partnership with Babcock International (, Hygia is a dynamic simulator based on robotic systems and mixed reality that allows to recreate clinical and aeronautical use cases, for professionals withing the health sector, such as those dedicated to HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Services - Helicopter Emergency Medical Services). Other sectors in which it can be applied are Emergencies in Ambulances, Search & Rescue (Search and Rescue) or Firefighting (Fire fighting).


The system allows the interaction of the healthcare team within a controlled virtual environment, as well as the face-to-face / online management of the trainers through an active control console.


HYGIA Simulation Systems helps to develop or reinforce the knowledge and skills of HEMS medical crews, on safety protocols, facing aeronautical and medical situations based on real experiences, in a controlled simulation.

Our clients

Worldwide there are more than 300 companies dedicated to HEMS, with more than 10,000 professionals who
need training, updating and refreshment of their
HYGIA is a highly scalable product, which allows
creating countless simulations of Medical Actions
Ordinary and Medical Emergencies in Flight, as well as aeronautical scenarios related to Safety and Aeronatuical Emergencies.
Other sectors to which it will be destined are fire fighting, military and police training or search and rescue.

HYGIA offers two different models, robotic&fixed and
portable  (assembled by an operator without
experience in 30 minutes). In order to allow our users to improve in every aspect, HYGIA Simulation Systems technologies are in continuous development. Contact us today for a free demo.



Polígono Industrial Romica, Calle 2, Parcela 145, Albacete (Spain) 02007

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